Our teachers

Sahar Ramadan Zahra
responsible for the Women’s Arabic language section at Midad Institute, she supervise the teachers and ensure the quality of their work. Since 2012 she have been the head of The Sisters Institute; teaching the Arabic language to non Arab speakers, situated in Alexandria, Egypt. she graduated from the faculty of Literature, Arabic Language section in 1997. she obtained a masters in Arabic Grammar in 2005. In 2009 she worked as a teacher in Qortaba Institute.she have a wealth of experience in the field of teaching Arabic to non Arabic speakers.

Ahmed Al-Najjar
obtained a bachelors of Literature and Education in the Arabic Language faculty at Benha University.
graduated from the Al-Azhar As-Shareef Institute of Quranic recitations.
obtained two ijazahs (authority of transmission) in the riwaya of Hafs an Asim with a chain going back to the prophet, peace and blessings be upon him.
Currently he is completing a reading in the seven qira’at from the way of As-Shatibi.
For the last seven years he have worked as an Arabic Language and Litrature teacher for Non-Arabic speakers.
he worked in various organizations in the field of Arabic and Quranic studies, including universities, academies and language centers- amongst them:
-Lecturer at Al Faatih University, College of Theology, Istanbul
-Lecturer at the Educational Academy for Research and Development, Istanbul
-Arabic Language and Literature teacher at The Nile Centre, Cairo
-Lecturer at the …… Academy, care of International students
(Present work)
In addition to the above he led taraweeh prayers in the blessed month of Ramadan at Galaxy Foundation, Sydney

Aisha Ahmed
Graduated from Faculty of Arts Arabic department.
Hold the Holy Qura’n with Qiraat.
Have many Ijaza with high Sanad.
Ijaza of Imam Ibn Aamer.
Ijazah of Imam Abo Ja’far.
Ijazah of Imam Warsh.
Ijazah of Imam Ibn Katheer.
Ijazah of Imam Yaqoup.
Ijazah of Imam Qaloon.
Ijazah of Imam Aasem.
Ijaza from Shaykh Mesbaah the highest Sanad in the world.
Ijazah of all motoon;Tohfat AL atfal ,Aljazria, Ashatebiya,Adorah with highest Sanad.
Certified from Azhar in excellent degree in the Holy Qura’n.
18 year experience teaching Qura’n and Tajweed.

Bilal As-Sayed Muhammed As-Sinhooree
Qualification: Bachelors with a high ranking distinction in Quranic Studies, Al-Azhar University
‏Ijazaat in the lesser and the greater ten Qira’aat, and additional ijazaat in texts including: the text Al-Fawaaid Al-Mutabirah, As-Shatibya, Ad-Dura, At-Tayibah, At-Tutfah and Al-Jazariya
Accredited by:
‏Ustadh Doctor Ahmed Eesa Al-Ma’sarawee
‏Ustadh Doctor Abdul Kareem Salih
‏Shaikh Muhammed Mustafa Al-Wakeel
‏Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Houfee
‏Shaikh Khamees As-Saeed Jaber Saqr
‏ Shaikh Ahmed Ramadan Khalil
Shaikh Muhammed Nabeel Ad-Dayef
he obtained fourth place in the Tunisian International Quran competition and first place in the category of the ten Qira’aat in the Quran and Sunnah International Organziation Quran competition.
Mosque imam and khateeb under supervision of the Egyptian ministry.
‎محفظ for the charity Lou’a Al-Hamd in Damanhour. Reciter for the Quran, it’s Qira’aat and their texts.

Essam Gad
Arabic tutor for translation courses at “knowledge Stage” center.
Arabi teacher at “up-to- date” group for since communication.
Former arabic proofreader and reviewer at “Aalam Aladab” translation and publishing institution.

‏Samah Muhammed Muhyee As-Saed Rashid
Academic Certificates: Arts Diploma and certificate from Institute of Arabic Calligraphy, 6 years. he have taught for ten years in the field of memorization of the Noble Quran and Tajweed, he use simple and accessible teaching methods for teaching Tajweed to both children and non-Arabic speaking adults.
Ijazaat: he have an ijazah in riwaya hafs from Markaz Al Ma’asarawee
I have another ijazah from Dr Fatimah As-Shaikh from masjid Bukhari

‏Muna As-Sayed Ahmed Hasanain
‏Bachelors of Education ‏Graduate from Al Furqan Institute for training of teachers of the Noble Quran, Dammam
‏Eight years experience teaching the Noble Quran at memorization schools with an organization in the Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
She achieved second place in the Taj Alkarama competition in memorization of the whole Quran, it’s mutashabihat and Tajweed at the regional level. ‏she worked as a silver licensed supervisor in the organization of Quran memorization, Dammam have an ijazah in riwaya Asim and the texts of At-Tutfah and Al-JazariyaaStudied at an institute of Qira’aat in Alexandria